A Quick History of Belgian Chocolate

Belgian chocolate truffle is a variety of chocolate, where its first production was in Europe. The chocolate is smooth, and it is coated with cocoa powder to improve its quality, pleasure and sweetness. Belgian chocolate is the sweetest variety of chocolate, and you can enjoy it with your family, or you can wrap it as a gift to a friend. These chocolates are available in all market outlets all over the world, and you can purchase it at a friendly price. 

History of Belgian chocolate truffle 

The history of this chocolate is not clear because there is little information about the time of invention. There is no particular period, as to the date of this delightful invention. However, there is a belief that chocolate truffles invention was in the 19th century: between 1890 and 1920s. 

Many theories argue that chocolate truffle invention was an accident, just like many other devices in the world. A French chef, Auguste Escoffier, was working on a pastry cream, and he poured it into a bowl containing chocolate chunks, instead of pouring it in a bowl of sugared eggs. Before Auguste could realise, there was a formation of chocolate balls in the bowl. This accident of Escoffier leads to the invention of this delightful product. 

Chocolate truffle gifts 

You can use Belgian chocolate truffle as a gift for all types of occasions such as wedding parties, birthday parties, or you can also carry a chocolate gift, when visiting a friend, or your family when coming out of your holidays. Chocolate gifts can also be used in the anniversary, baby shower or housewarming occasions. 

Types of Belgian chocolate truffles  

There are different varieties of chocolate truffles available in all retail shops, or any other market outlet. Any Belgian chocolate truffle depends on certain characteristics; the price of the chocolate, the quality and the taste. Most people will tend to believe that, the higher the price of the chocolate, the higher its quality, but you should consider other characteristics when choosing a chocolate variety. 

Belgian pralines  

This type of chocolate boasts a soft-centre, a chocolate casing, and it is available in different shapes. Pralines chocolate is available in the variety of tastes, such as nut and sugar sweetness. This variety of Belgian chocolate has different prices ranges in the markets, and are most common in formal parties such as a business occasion 

Chocolate truffles 

This type of chocolate has a shape of a ball, and it is usually has a coating of cocoa powder or wafer biscuit. Truffles are the kinds of chocolates which are common in informal parties such as, birthday and housewarming party. Today, chocolate truffles are available in various fillings and tastes; fruit, nut, chilli and many others. 

Why Belgian chocolate truffle 

There are several reasons why this chocolate is the most famous product all over the world: the production of Belgian chocolate truffles is of high quality. They are available in the variety of flavours, to suit people with different tastes and preferences. These make these chocolates to be consumed by almost everyone, and your party will not be complete without Belgian chocolate truffle.