Does Chocolate Really Get Me Fat?



If there is something you’re happy, gloomy, anxious or annoyed about there is one thing that comes to your rescue. Be it any emotion that you are dealing with it’s that one thing you can snack on and that is a Chocolate. Hifi ST Albans

Chocolate is something that is enjoyed by almost everybody, either in one form or another. Chocolate, which was a said to be part of the dessert, has been evolved to become an easy to munch snack. Especially kids and the teenagers nowadays are into chocolates and junk, and we all are aware of the fact that a lot of these things are not good for them.

One cannot deny that chocolate is a mood elevator and has a lot many health benefits as well but, only a moderate intake of chocolate is desirable. Besides that the calorie count is something that we need to worry about. A concentration of sugar, fats and calories will naturally result in weight gain. However, it might not appear initially but gradually, it will result in weight gain. And then obesity, diabetes and then a lot many health problems resulting from this.

One of the most frequently asked question is that, ‘Does chocolate really get me fat?’ The answer can be both yes and no. Yes, a chocolate does make you fat if you have it in an uncontrolled manner, it’s the calorie count of the chocolate that matters the most. No, if you have a limited intake. Moderate amount won’t make you fat but anything more than that is undesirable. As the studies suggest that the percentage of people suffering with the problems such as obesity and diabetes are increasing day by day. And it can also be seen that teenagers and adults are the ones who are majorly affected as the intake of chocolate is common in the individuals of these age groups.

In recent studies that have been conducted it has come out that the consumption of chocolate is directly linked with Body Mass Index, so higher the consumption lower the BMI. Isn’t it all that you ever wish for? But it’s not that you can believe this out rightly, as it has been made clear it’s all about the calorie count. Therefore, this BMI issue is something that has divergent views. So for all those who are unaware of the BMI here’s an overview. The Body Mass Index is basically a method that compares your height and your weight. The formula for calculating the body mass index is BMI = your weight (kg)/ your height (m2). The higher the BMI, it is more probable that you’ll be over-weight.

However, studies have also suggested that chocolate is packed with anti-oxidants which result in protection of cardio-vascular system. Chocolate lowers blood pressure, balances cholesterol levels and is often seen improving insulin sensitivity.

So what should be done? Self- control/ moderation this is the key. You can still have chocolate everyday but in a limited and controlled amount. Having a piece or two won’t make you fat or obese. Instead having a whole bar would.

You must enjoy your daily dose of chocolate, but consuming way too much is not good. Consumption of anything in a controlled amount is completely all right.