What Chocolate Can You Eat Without Getting Fat?

Most people love the idea of being able to eat chocolate without getting fat but think it is quite unrealistic. What people do not realise is that there are many ways you can enjoy chocolate without getting fat. Depending on your overall health you should be able to enjoy chocolate as part of a balanced diet and still lose weight.


Sometimes weight can be incredibly stubborn, and even with strict dieting, it can be hard to get the weight off. Many people turn to treatments not because they do not have the willpower to diet but simply because it does not work. Having a fat freezing or Cryolipolysis can give you the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can still enjoy the occasional treat like chocolate as part of a healthy balanced diet, and these proven treatments will help you to be rid of those stubborn last bits of weight that just refuse to come off.

Chose the right chocolate

Milk chocolate is the more well-known of the types of chocolate and contains the most calories. This is because milk contains a lot of calories as well as the large amount of sugar that is needed to make milk chocolate taste the way it does. Many people do not realise that dark chocolate is a lot more healthy for them. Dark chocolate has fewer ingredients in it, and cocoa itself is not fattening. In fact, having a couple of squares of dark chocolate per day has been proven to be good for your health. There are also many different alternative chocolate bars available that do not contain as many calories. As milk is the highest calorie ingredient in milk chocolate people that are trying to lose weight can try dairy free chocolate which is usually a better alternative when you are counting calories. Fat Freezing Oxford

Get a calorie counting app

If you want to lose weight, the basic premise is that you need to eat fewer calories than you burn during a normal day. Therefore is you get a calorie counting app you can still enjoy treats like chocolate. It’s best to ensure that you either exercise more on the day you enjoy some chocolate to balance out the calories or eat less in general on that day. Another great thing about calorie counting apps is that they tell you all sorts of different information as well as how many calories you have consumed. For a start, they tell you how much sugar you are allowed daily and how much you have had. This is another thing to be careful of when enjoying chocolate and this is a great way to keep track. They can also tell you what percentage of protein, carbs and fat you have had to help you maintain a balanced diet.