Benefits of chocolate for your health and beauty

The chocolate is obtained through the cocoa bean and is without doubt one of the foods most loved around the world for its taste and texture. There are many varieties depending on the amount of cocoa and sugar they contain and whether they are mixed or not with other ingredients such as milk, some fruits and different nuts. Lipo Freeze Leeds







Cardiovascular health


Different international studies have shown that consuming chocolate regularly over the years can reduce up to a third the chances of suffering from some type of heart disease. More specifically, a research from the United Kingdom states that those people who consume this sweet food in moderation twice a week have a 37% less chance of suffering a cardiac pathology compared to the rest of the mortals who refuse to consume chocolate or who do so with less frequency.


These benefits are mainly due to the antioxidant properties (more powerful than those of many fruits ) and anti-inflammatoryof chocolate that contribute to the reduction of blood pressure and help improve cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity. And not only that, it is a great ally to eliminate free radicals.



Black chocolate vs white chocolate


Both chocolates not only differ in their composition, but also in their nutritional properties. Thus, for the production of white chocolate does not resort to cocoa paste, if not used cocoa butter, in addition to milk and sugar.


Regarding nutritional differences , dark chocolate contains a greater amount of fibers and minerals and a lower amount of carbohydrates and cholesterol, in addition to providing a smaller amount of calories. On the contrary, white chocolate contains a greater amount of milk, sugar, vitamin A and calcium.


One way to enjoy the best of both chocolates is the famous ‘tarta tres chocolates’ from the Cocina Channel .



Antidepressant, aphrodisiac and … addictive?


Chocolate in all its varieties contains substances that favor the production of important neurotransmitters related to the improvement of mood . Consuming chocolate provides happiness and pleasure, and, consequently, improves the character.


Strawberries with chocolate



Like many other foods such as strawberries, banana, cinnamon, ginseng, coconut, honey, seafood and some nuts , chocolate is considered by many experts an effective aphrodisiac . Combining it with other stimulating foods the explosion of sensations can be spectacular.


Much has been speculated and researched about the addictive power of some foods, chocolate is one of them. Addictive or not, for all its nutritional properties it is worth to dip into it at least a couple of times a week and of course, in moderation, if not all those benefits could be lost and the chocolate would become a healthy food or one harmful to health since it would promote a weight gain that could lead to obesity , and an increased risk of diabetes as well as some type of cardiovascular problem.


Chocolate therapy


Chocolate not only provides healthy benefits through the palate, this sweet gastronomic ingredient is increasingly used in cutting-edge beauty and health treatments.


The chocolate therapy consists of spreading with a soft massage liquid chocolate throughout the surface of the body leaving it to act a few minutes. This therapy is perfect to fight stretch marks and dreaded cellulite. In addition, according to experts, it provides relaxation and elasticity to the skin.