The Beauty and the Beast of eating Chocolate

Chocolate is a hot topic, and for the long time it has been around, health professionals have debated the good and the bad of the popular food product. There are no doubts it has its issues. Chocolate unfortunately appears to be most peopled kryptonite, and can lead to a very unhealthy lifestyle resulting in people needing to try measures like non surgical weight loss. Even though it gets painted as some thing terrible, there are still a few things that it is actually good for, so let’s weigh up the pros and cons. 


The cons of eating chocolate 



If you have picked up any sort of diet article in the last decade, you will know that there are quite a few negatives to eating it.  





If you are on one of the popular diets where you count calories, you will probably already know how detrimental chocolate can be to this technique. Some chocolate bars can have as much as 510 calories in them, and with most diets weighing in at an average calorie count of 1500 to 2000 per day – this is not going to leave you room to eat much else. If you are trying something like non surgical weight loss, you may get away with it, but standard diets do not allow for a lot of chocolate. 


Mood swings 



Chocolate can play havoc with your sugar and insulin levels, which can cause mood swings. If you are diabetic, then chocolate is more or less out, but even if you are not you still need to be mindful of how this can impact. 


Bad skin 



It has been proven that chocolate can cause bad skin. While you can enjoy it now and again, if you eat too much of it then you will more than likely start to suffer from acne.  


What are the pros of eating chocolate 



The list above may sound a bit scary, but there are loads of benefits to eating chocolate as well. The trick that medical professionals seem to push is getting the right balance.  


It is an antioxidant 



A lot of chocolate, especially dark chocolate is well known for containing antioxidants. Just a 40g serving can contain more than 300mg of polyphenols, which are well known for keeping everything spic and span on the inside.  


It can boost mood 



We all know the easiest time to turn to chocolate is when we have had a bad day, and there is a scientific reason for that. Chocolate increases release of the chemical Phenlathymine, which is related to all of the chemicals in your brain that make you feel great. It also contains Trytophan, which is one of the chemicals that makes serotonin. With both at these at work, it is no wonder that chocolate puts a smile on your face. 


There are small amounts of caffeine 



Caffiene is another chemical that gets a bit of bad press, but in small doses, it is actually not too bad for you. If you can’t bear the taste of coffee, and you need a little pick me up, then reach over for the bar of chocolate instead.