About us

About Us 


Belgian Chocolate Truffles is an international group with a full range of state-of-the-art products and expertise in the chocolate sectors. Our goods and services are available worldwide. We offer deliveries in any corner of the world after a client makes unique and bespoke orders. The company has an extensive experience in producing quality creamy chocolate confections.  


Through our long experience in chocolate products, we have a capability to manufacture every product per client’s wish and give the best product of the highest quality. Our production of chocolate products is integrated with the fact we produce our yeast extracts, emulsifiers and many of the ingredients used in creating chocolate truffles.  


Our staffs have extensive experience in the industry, and they are always on point in producing the products of high quality. Our customer care platform consists of a well-dedicated team to cater for any query from our loyal customers. It is on this platform our worldwide clients make their orders and explain to our team the design of a chocolate truffle he/she is interested in. Our contacts are available on our website platform.  


Belgian Chocolate Truffles are guided by various principles which have made us successful and dominate the field of chocolate truffles for many years. The various principles are the keys to our progress, and we strive to live guided by them and every day. They serve as our range to guide our business resolutions and unite us as one dedicated team. This has led to a stronger relationship with our customers, partners, and our global consumers. 


  • Quality- our final consumer is our superior; high quality is our work and value to ensure our users are fully satisfied with our products.
  • Responsibility- Belgian Chocolate Truffles works as one team. It is our duty to support and give the best to our loyal clients.
  • Efficiency- We utiliseour resources to the maximum to provide the best of the best to our consumers.